Antimicrobial Resistance and Gut Health Symposium, June 16

BioScience Research Collaborative Auditorium 6500 Main St.

This symposium will focus on multi-drug resistant GI pathogens, especially C. difficile, mechanisms of antibiotic action on these pathogens, environmental contamination as a cause of human infectious disease, emerging methods for the rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance in patient specimens, and pharmacodynamic effects of antimicrobials on antibacterial resistance development.

Speakers include:

Ferric Fang, University of Washington
Helen Zgurskaya, University of Oklahoma
Jennifer Auchtung, BCM
Clifford Stephan, IBT
Paula A. Revell, TCH
Tony Haag, BCM
Kevin Garey, UH
Edward Septimus, HCA/TAMU

Call for Abstracts Submission deadline June 5

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Questions? Contact Suzanne Tomlinson


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