Ashok K. Chopra, CSc, PhD

  • Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, UTMB Health


My research interests during the past 26 years have been on identifying virulence factors/mechanisms from several gram-negative bacteria and to demonstrate their role in causing human diseases by developing isogenic mutants. We have delineated the mechanism of action of some of the important virulence factors (associated with type 2-, -3, and -6 secretion systems) and studied regulation of these genes. New genes up regulated only during infections have also been isolated and are being characterized. We have performed microarray and proteomics analyses that helped in further defining the mechanism of action of the selected virulence factors. Some of the microbial toxins identified in the laboratory are being tested as potential mucosal adjuvants


Kurukshetra University, India
Kurukshetra University, India
Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Kurukshetra University, India

Areas of Interests

Clinical Interests

Dr. Chopra's research focuses on host-parasite interactions; molecular pathogenesis of pathogenic microorganisms; structure-function relationships of bacterial virulence determinants; regulation of virulence gene expression, cell signaling, oxidative stress responses, expression of genes under simulated microgravity conditions, in vivo expression of virulence genes, host responses to microbial agents and bacterial vaccines; antiviral agents; regulation of inflammation in inflammatory bowel, pulmonary, and cardiovascular diseases, role of antioxidants in burn patients, and studies on anthrax and plague.