Mike Hogg Antimicrobial Resistance Research Seminar Series

December 14, 2017, 4:30 pm

Bioscience Research Collaborative 1003

6500 Main St., Houston, TX 77030

“Ongoing Diversification of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae:

The Menace Continues”


Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD, PhD

Columbia University

With reception following

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Antimicrobial Resistance and Gut Health Symposium, June 16

BioScience Research Collaborative Auditorium 6500 Main St.

This symposium will focus on multi-drug resistant GI pathogens, especially C. difficile, mechanisms of antibiotic action on these pathogens, environmental contamination as a cause of human infectious disease, emerging methods for the rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance in patient specimens, and pharmacodynamic effects of antimicrobials on antibacterial resistance development.

Speakers include:

Ferric Fang, University of Washington
Helen Zgurskaya, University of Oklahoma
Jennifer Auchtung, BCM
Clifford Stephan, IBT
Paula A. Revell, TCH
Tony Haag, BCM
Kevin Garey, UH
Edward Septimus, HCA/TAMU

Call for Abstracts Submission deadline June 5

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Antibiotic Resistance Symposium in Jan 2017


The UT Center for Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbial Genomics (CARMiG) with the Gulf Coast Consortia – Antimicrobial Resistance Cluster are announcing the

Antibiotic Resistance Symposium:

Novel Frontiers in Antimicrobial Research,

to be held on January 19 – 20, 2017 

at the Bioscience Research Collaborative Auditorium, Rice University, 6500 Main St., Houston, TX 77030

Antibiotic Resistance Symposium: Novel Frontiers in Antimicrobial Research

More Info

GCC Symposium Page

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CARMiG Opening Scheduled for November 29


UT Center for Antimicrobial Resistance and Microbial Genomics (CARMiG)
Gulf Coast Consortia –  (Antimicrobial Resistance Cluster)

Opening Ceremony, Tuesday November 29, 2016

4:30 – 7:00 PM

BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) Building Auditorium, 1st Floor

Rice University

6500 Main St., Houston, TX 77030


Arjun Srinivasan, MD, FSCAPT USPHS

Associate Director for Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention  Programs

Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Featuring the Netflix movie: “Resistance”

with special commentary from producer Michael Graziano

26th Annual Keck Research Conference


Friday, October 28, 2016
9:00 AM  to 5:00 PM

BioScience Research Collaborative
Rice University
6500 Main St
Houston, Texas, USA

The emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistant pathogens thwarts the effective treatment of microbial infections. To address this public health issue, anti-microbial resistance research is focused on understanding the biology of microbes, their behavior, precisely how they cause disease and how they develop resistance to antimicrobials, in order to discover new ways to combat microbes. This conference will highlight chemical, biochemical, computational, and genomic approaches that provide insights into mechanisms of resistance, treatment strategies and drug discovery of antimicrobials.
Open to the Public / Registration Required

Link to Conference Page with Registration

Speaker: Karen Bush
Professor, Practice in Biotechnology
Indiana University
Speaker: Shahriar Mobashery
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Notre Dame
Speaker: Gerry Wright
Director, Institute for Infectious Disease Research, and Professor, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences
McMaster University
Speaker: Lingchong You
Associate Professor, Engineering
Duke University
Speaker: Helen I. Zgurskaya
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oklahoma